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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Ah, Wednesdays...and it's raining.  And my jeans feel really tight.

For breakfast... (see?  I want to write about Wednesdays and how I didn't have the best morning at work, but I'm focused - see? Focused.)  For breakfast we had two fried eggs on top of a kale caraway bread. The bread is dense, high in fat (flax seeds) and low in carbohydrates.  I found it incredibly filling and wasn't even remotely hungry all morning. 1:15, when I got home...I was getting hungry.  I tossed together about 1/2 c. brown rice pasta (left over from making kid lunches this morning), mixed power greens, baby tomatoes (non-organic and not wonderful tasting), walnuts, and black olives topped with vinaigrette.

In my class we're talking about change. We looked at proverbs and quotes about change - we discussed changes in our own lives - we looked at it hypothetically.  I really ought not get into my class here, but let's just say they have experienced massive changes in their life - more than most of us could ever fully imagine - certainly more than I can imagine.  And talking about change is just so darn hypothetical; all of the TED talks in the world don't necessarily facilitate actual change even though they are lovely and emotional to watch, and they certainly give us stuff to pocket for the future..

All this to say that eliminating one major component of food is a bigger change than one might imagine.  I have also come to realize that despite my resolve, I have started to expect to see/feel palpable change. And I suppose I have, somewhat.  I do feel better, but I'm not sure if that's because I've taken the bull by the old horns and put change into motion and feeling all powerful about it, or it's the actual physical benefits of giving up wheat.  Doesn't matter, I guess...

From what I gather from the Wheat Belly blog, in order to shed pounds, the severe restriction of carbohydrates is necessary in addition to the elimination of wheat.   This is where the premise seems faulty to a way, and this whole thing fails to distinguish itself from other plans.  However, not important.  I'm going to continue to eat apples and that's all there is to it.

Dinner tonight is still uncertain.  I picked up some organic ground beef at the health food store - perhaps a meaty tomato sauce and shiritaki noodles (I actually sound like I know what I'm talking about; in fact, shiritaki noodles are the most mysterious thing in the world to me and I will post some pictures of this new strange thing).  8 year old has a violin lesson after school and 13 year old has to be at the dance studio at 5 pm.  Dinner will be on the fly....

Amazing TED talk till the end.  I can relate 100%...

Inspiring talk about the power of body language

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