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Saturday, October 27, 2012

feeling better 2

 I am not a professional blogger and so my pictures are all mixed up.  

I`m feeling a bit better - at least, my appetite seems to have returned!  

Last night we ordered Pad Thai and I know rice noodles are not acceptable under a strictly low carb plan (like the one I purport to follow); however, it was a celebration of all things yummy and good health.  It was listed as `gluten free`on the menu, and it was scrumptious.  

This morning we went to the market and the find of the day, for me, was this fruit.  It was all organic and you paid by the pound.  Again, I know that fruit is to be eaten in moderation, but this looked too good to pass, oldest girl loves her fruit.  

For supper tonight , I made a butternut squash casserole adapted from this recipe.  I used organic Swiss cheese, and it was SO GOOD.  I guess I must be feeling better due to ravenousness (that at PMS).  And when I say `ravenous`, it really does not equal actual hunger - just a happy looking forward to yummy food.  

steamed squash first and then sauteed with onion in butter 

Almost ready to pop in the oven..(not sure where finished product picture is)

sprinkled with topping and ready to go...

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