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"It's never too late to become what you might have been." George Eliot

Thursday, October 4, 2012


 The weather has been positively balmy.  We enjoyed salmon on the bbq with fresh green beans and...drum roll please....that's right, kale.  The kale was sauteed in coco oil and then I added chopped garlic, butter, lemon, tumeric, and a few chia seeds...

Food tastes richer and more filling without the usual side of rice - I'm not an expert, but carbs have a way of messing with cues around feeling full, wanting to eat more, and actual hunger...I find myself much more in control around food - not a big deal for some people, but for me it's huge. 

I know it's probably somewhat lame and eccentric to photograph food this way, but it's providing a sort of a reflection on nutrition and instead of just diggin' on in, it's giving me an opportunity to pause and be grateful.  

Don't get me wrong - I still find myself rummaging somewhat mindlessly when hunger strikes (or I happen to be in the kitchen), but I haven't yet ventured backwards.  

We went for a walk this evening and it's just lovely.    

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