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Saturday, October 13, 2012


The truth is I am much more at peace when I completely forget that I have a job.  It's not the people or the job - it's me.  Saturdays are my blissful, forgetting days, and this day was no different.  The market was therapeutic, even though fresh produce is on its way out...there was frost this week and I don't think much else can be pulled from the ground locally.  We did get our beautiful eggs, and some lovely organic cheese - we also purchased chicken breasts and lean ground beef.  I got some more eggplants, and baby tomatoes, and swiss chard (even the..kale...didn't look wonderful at the market).  

For the past few weeks, we've been visiting a very trendy store after the market - The Healthy Butcher, David's Gourmet, and Fiddleheads (an amazing health food store) combine together for a very pleasant shopping experience.  The meat is all organic, grass fed, and beautifully presented - and costs a fortune!  Nevertheless, we enjoyed bacon and meat patties from the butcher and both were absolutely delicious.  

On this particular evening of forgetting, we had burgers atop roasted portabello mushroom caps, with sauteed onions, greens, and mushrooms, with probiotic relish, and dijon mustard and scrumptious cheddar.    

I think one of my weight loss barriers is red wine.  We quite easily finish a bottle on the Forgetting Day and sometimes even on Forgetting Eve.     

Although I'm quite certain this is too much information, digestively, things are much improved.  Last night I enjoyed a glassful of chia seeds in water, I contorted into digestion-friendly yoga poses, and I munched on an apple before sleep.  Oh, I also drank apple cider vinegar.  Seems to have done the trick.  All righty then...

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