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Saturday, October 20, 2012

rainy saturday afternoon

 We are trying to help our girls rid themselves of wheat and sugar.  With 8 year old, sugar is clearly an addiction and her moods have always been severely impacted by sugar consumption; she's also preoccupied with crackers, desserts, etc., and will always choose these snacks instead of healthy alternatives.  Thing is, it's not their fault, obviously, it's ours, for having addictive substances in the house.  

Older daughter is more self-regulating, but still enjoys bad-for-you food.  I've put into place a new rule at home - no eating anywhere but the dining room table.  The girls like to take their food to various stations around the house (bedrooms, computer table).  Both girls threw veritable tantrums (as I knew they would), but so far have complied.   

I'm also going to start recording what youngest one eats to try and judge how much of an impact food is having on her state of mind.  She's the sweetest child under the sun, but can turn nasty when blood sugars are unstable.  

 I have not been doing fabulously.  PMS is throwing me off, along with work-related stress and the perceived pressure from others to cheat (whatever that means).  While I have not had any wheat, I have had two gluten-free desserts resplendent with sugar and god knows what starches and additives...However, life is like that and there will be ups and downs. 

I made these muffins this morning from the amazing Joyous Health.  I realized after I'd begun that we were out of eggs - recipe required 3 - so I mixed 3 tbsps. of ground flax seed with water and used as an egg substitute.  It seemed to work well.  The recipe calls for maple syrup - I used Sucanut Sugar instead (not okay according to Wheat Belly).   For lunch, after a morning of emotion, the four of us sat down and had cauliflower and cheese sauce, and coconut crusted chicken (oldest girl loves this...) This blog has really helped a lot in our transition away from wheat and towards healthier alternatives.   

Off to plan out a week's worth of meals..and then off to the health food store!  

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