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"It's never too late to become what you might have been." George Eliot

Thursday, October 4, 2012


 Life unfolds.  I had a meeting this morning and my boss was there along with several other big wigs.  Before the meeting started, the lady beside me said, 'Oh, you don't look well.  Are you feeling sick?'  Yeah, you know how that goes.  Thankfully, she was specific, 'it's your eyes...yes, definitely the eyes..' Before the meeting...bleh.  

I also did a zumba class last night followed by a yoga class.  This from a woman who does not exercise as a general rule of practice.  The classes are put on through our neighbourhood association and for years I've been meaning to register.  Well, I do very little in moderation (part of the reason we're all here) and when I saw both classes on the same evening, I thought, 'perfect!' I'll just do them both.  Needless to say I samba my way into the yoga class dripping with sweat just in time for mountain pose.  Last night was really muggy and I might as well have been doing half naked hot yoga (only I was overdressed and no one else was even remotely sweaty).  Felt good, though.  

 Shirataki noodles are much fun.  I do believe they will work beautifully as a replacement for other noodles -I'm already anxious to try a pad thai with shirataki.

I am definitely experiencing some foggy thinking lately (even more than usual); apparently this is part of the withdrawal from wheat.

Hmm..can't go on, fog's grown too thick and I can't see straight.  More later, folks.

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