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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

smoothies and leftovers

 I've noticed from my little counter thing that there have been a few people stopping by my little blog..YAY!  I'd love to start some conversations about health/nutrition/wheat free please say hi!
 After a long (long) weekend, I was back at it this morning.  It's a cool, crisp fall morning and my students were tired.  Some people crave routine and daily rituals - I do not.  Some people can't wait to get back to work because it offers much needed structure to a life - not me.  I am happiest when I am free to wander; I am more productive when I'm not under time pressure - I guess I find expectations stressful - go figure.  

I have started to take a probiotic recommended by Dr. William Davis from Wheat Belly.  Giving up wheat is, I believe, somewhat hard on the system and I have suffered some withdrawal.  

I've also noticed that my pants are feeling looser.  Oh yeah!  I haven't experienced anything miraculous in the weight loss department, but it was never my intention to give up wheat for the sole purpose of losing weight (yes, it was).  I am doing it for overall health and well being (and to lose weight).  Okay, okay, weight comes into it, obviously....but my expectations are stable because this is a road down which I've traveled too many times.  

From so much of what I've read, losing a lot of weight comes mainly from strictly restricting all carbs and even dairy....Before I resort to not eating apples and small amounts of cheese, I'm going to see if some weight comes off simply with the elimination of wheat.  Stage 2 will be to cut carbs further.  

Oh, I'm so proud of the moussaka!  I was looking forward to lunch all morning.  All gone now, but was enjoyed with a yogurt/berry/banana smoothie with organic milk and powdered greens.  

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